Owner Agreement

Kansas City Rental Solutions interviews potential qualifying tenants and works to lease vacancies. KCRS investigates future resident eligibility, employment, housing needs, and pertinent information. We save you time and energy by verifying vacant rentals, registering qualified prospective residents, and offering

you individual reports so that you are able to select new community members. Not only does KCRS save you time and energy, we also save you money. You only pay for clients that lease your vacancy.




85% of one month’s rent for regular term leases, 6 months or more

60% of one month’s rent for short term leases, 3-5 months

30% of one month’s rent for renewals. KCRS will execute new lease on owner behalf.


Credit Offer: 20% of total fee collected if you do not receive the first 2 full months’ rent for a regular term lease


In the event landlord withdrawals the property from our listings within the first 30 days, a handling fee of 25% of the rental amount shall be due KCRS upon removal.


Fee is based on net monthly rent The same fee is due KCRS if clients are offered a different property you own or manage


Credit Terms:


Once KCRS referral is accepted and lease is executed, all invoices are due KCRS upon move-in.


Invoices are past due after 7 days of move-in


If invoices are 15 days over-due property referrals are suspended


Invoices 30 days over-due will be submitted to attorney for collection


Past-due invoices carry the maximum interest allowed by law




You will not refer KCRS clients to other rental agencies or non-affiliated properties


Client fees will not exceed those quoted from other sources KCRS clients are guaranteed all rental incentives, discounts, and reductions offered to other potential renters


Please list the properties you want Kansas City Rental Solutions to fill on page 2 of this document if you accept the agreements, terms, and fees above.


Parties agree a faxed or scanned copy of this contract or an email confirmation is acceptable.




Thank you,

Laura Means

Email: laura@kcrentalsolutions.com

Kansas City Rental Solutions will send prospective renters to the properties listed below as agreed upon according to page 1 of the Listing Contract for Kansas City Rental Solutions.


Prospects may be registered by phone, fax, in person by prospect, or Email.


Kansas City Rental Solutions may choose to rebate some of its fee to renter, place signs on the property, use the property in advertisements, and pay brokers or others commission.


Any leasing and advertisement pictures such as floor plans and highlights may be used by KCRS for promotional reasons either in brochures or on their website.

The person signing this agreement has the authority to represent the owner and carry out this listing. The owner’s full name, business address, and phone number must be given.


This agreement may be canceled by either party in writing with authentic signatures accompanied by applicable said handling fee.


All leased rental referrals prior to written notice receipt will be due no matter the move-in date.


This listing agreement is non-exclusive and includes all properties/communities owned/managed by your company now and hereafter. Both parties agree to abide by Fair Housing Regulations and Laws.


Kansas City Rental Solutions may send prospective renters as agreed upon in this listing contract to the properties/communities listed below.

Agreed to this the

by the undersigned

Properties/communities KCRS may serve